Sculpture: Kyrie

Sculpture: "LeBronze" was inspired by Lebron James

This sculpture was inspired by LeBron James. I think it reflects the beautiful sweep of his movements on the court. I couldn't resist using a bronze-colored material and going for the play-on-words of "LeBronze."

Collages 4.17.13, a and b

Both inspired by reflections off cut gemstones.

New sculpture: "Pistol"

New Sculpture: "Tight Five"

Collage 4.01.13

This collage was inspired by the light reflecting off a cushion-cut gemstone.

Collage 04.08.13

Another collage inspired by a cushion-cut gemstone and its reflections.

Sculpture: SeaStar and Swirlio

New collage: 3.30.13

This collage was made from the spring 2013 Talbot's catalog.

New Collage: 3.29.13

Sculpture: "Allstar"

New sculpture: "Motion Offense"

New Collage, "Red, Blue, Yellow"

Collage 06.04.13 "Summer Night"